Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The perfect cup of tea and toast

Here's how I make sure my breakfast is just how I like it.

I boil the kettle, put a scoop of tea leaves into the pot (I have a pot with an internal mesh tea-holder that automatically strains the leaves to avoid any fuss at the other end*), pour the boiling water into the pot, and set the microwave timer to exactly four minutes.

Then I take the butter and jam out of the fridge, set up my tea cup with the right amount of sugar and milk, and wait.

When the timer buzzes, I pour the tea and put the toast or bagel into the toaster. When it pops, I leave it for a short while so that the butter doesn't melt too much and make it soggy, but not so long as to end up with cold toast. In the time it takes the toast to be ready, the tea has gotten to the perfect temperature to drink with the buttered, jammed toast.

It's annoying to drink lukewarm tea with a nice piece of toast. And it's just as annoying to have a nice hot cup of tea with cold toast. Hence my system.

I've noticed that I've become more particular about the things I can control as I get older, but concurrently, I'm trying to become more philosophical about the things I can't.

*'the other end' being the spout/teacup end!


  1. Loved reading this, too funny! I also find myself getting more and more OCD about some things as I get older and, like you, breakfast is too important to mess up!
    For me it's kettle on, drink a glass of fresh orange juice, pour some granola, when kettle boils pour water into mug with green tea bag, eat granola, then tea will be perfect temp when I've finished.
    And now I'm just at the tea stage, then the kids can talk to me...
    Sandra x

  2. While I appreciate the regiment, milk before water? Have you no self respect?